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Pick 4

Pick 4 is an exciting daily draw game offered by the Illinois Lottery, providing players with the opportunity to win cash prizes every day. Participants choose four numbers from 0 to 9 and select their play type: Straight (match the numbers in exact order), Box (match the numbers in any order), Straight/Box (a combination of both), or Combo (all possible combinations of the chosen numbers). The game offers multiple ways to win, with different prize amounts depending on the play type and the amount wagered. Pick 4 is a favorite among lottery enthusiasts in Illinois, offering both affordable entry costs and the thrill of daily draws. The revenue generated from Pick 4 ticket sales supports various educational programs and initiatives in the state, contributing to the betterment of students and schools across Illinois.

Lottery Random Number Generator for
Hot Pick 4 - Illinois Lottery


Advanced Lottery Random Number Generator for
Pick 4

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